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KevEri.JPGDear All,

We are doing our best to put it all together what we can offer for those who are interested in studying with us.

Teachers Lab 2020

a WEEKEND for teachers (Introductory-Junior 3 and beyond), mentees (students in mentorship) and for intermediate/advanced students.

According to RIMYI people with at least of 3 years of Iyengar yoga experience may be admitted to a mentoring program. We have started ours September 2018 and admittance is possible every September or January. It is an ongoing mentoring program where students have to attend various programs depending on where they live, etc. If you live outside of Hungary the weekend programs would be available for you (see dates below).

For now it is a mixed level group (from Introductory to Junior 3 and beyond) and we shall see how it develops thru the years ahead. It is an exceptional opprotunity to work with different levels together as there is a lot of learning happening in many different levels. The teaching is done in English/Hungarian. Please note that in order to get into the mentoring program we also need to know you.

ONLINE TEACHERS’ LAB for teachers, intermediate practitioners and mentees


  • 14-15 November 2020


  • 16-17 January
  • 27-28 March
  • 29-30 May

More dates to be added later


Version A if life allows us to be at Amrita in person:

  • Saturday 10-13, 14:30-17:30
  • Sunday 9-12

    • Individual weekend: early bird 60 EUR (paid on the spot) or 25 EUR per session, within the last week: 65 EUR for whole program or 25 per session

Version B if life is online only:

  • Saturday 10-12:30
  • Sunday 9-11:30

PRICE: 20 EUR per session

KEVIN’s MASTERCLASSES 2021 10:00-13:00

  • To be confirmed

Price: 7000 HUF (early bird until 1 week before the class) / 7500 HUF (on the spot)

Wonderful visiting teachers – please visit our Guest teacher page on this website, they are ALL highly recommended!

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