Posted by: Erika Repassy | July 7, 2011

T. Krishnamacharya: Yoga Makaranda

Kedves barátaink jóvoltából elkezdtem olvasni Krishnamacharya könyvét (ő tanította többet között Gurujit és Pattabhi Jois-t is), a könyv  fantasztikus, már csak azért is, mert 1934-ben írta. Annyira megtetszett, hogy úgy döntöttem, felrakom a netre 1-2 bekezdését, hogy Ti is olvashassátok, ha érdekel.
Finally something to read: thanks to our friends I started to read Yoga-Makaranda, a fantastic book by
Krishnamacarya first published in 1934. I liked some parts so much that I would like to share it with those who are interested.

„Generally, there is a growing
tendency in all segments of society to assess all our problems on the business
yardstick of profit and loss. This attitude happens to be a big obstacle to our
progress in higher spiritual life. The common man, when in need of certain
necessities of life, goes to the shop and buys things from the shopkeeper by
paying cash. It is regrettable that this cash and carry attitude is being
introduced in pursuit if higher ideals of our ancient moral codes and spiritual

We shall not expect immediate beneficial results when practicing Yoga, worshipping God, performing evening
and morning rituals, repeating Lord’s name, etc., in the manner of an hourly
paid worker who expects his wages at the end of each hour of his work. We
should not worry about the time spent on these matters, nor assess it on the monetary
basis. Once such thoughts are entertained, we sink low.

Yoga and spiritual practices should not be equated with shopping in a supermarket.”

(Tirumalai Krishnamacharya: Yoga Makaranda, the Nectar of Yoga, 1934)



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